A Brief Look at the Warren Buffett Archive

gambling Sep 23, 2021

The newly released Warren Buffett Archive, an extensive database of key information and data about the famous investor, captures much more than twenty-four years of recorded audio from his many yearly shareholder meetings, CNBC interviews, commentaries, and more. A great many of the audio recordings feature Mr. Buffett speaking candidly about subjects that he was involved in at the time, often with great humor and a certain amount of sarcasm. The archive provides an entertaining window through the life of one of the most famous investment entrepreneurs of our time, as well as providing those interested in learning more about his thoughts and strategies on Wall Street and in particular, his propensity for being so involved with the company that he purchased that changed it forever – Blue Chips.

Buffett Archive

The short-form version of the site includes articles written by commentators who appear frequently on CNBC, including those produced by Jon Stewart and John Harwood. Many of the articles in the short-form include highlights of some of the highlights from annual shareholder meetings and other annual gatherings. The content is varied and the site includes a number of shorter short-form articles as well.

The long-form version of the site includes a lot more material, including more detailed interviews with key executives from the company that made him rich, as well as correspondences with the media, readers, fans, historians, critics, and others. Many of the correspondences are interspersed with video of the annual meetings and with audio of the investor speeches, both of which feature Mr. Buffett at various times. The searchable video portion includes a great deal of background information about the company, its founders, and Mr. Buffett’s role there and throughout his career. The transcripts also include the audio of many of the shareholder speeches and the annual meetings themselves, as well as a number of other relevant items.

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