Built Around Buffett’s Annual Meeting footage

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Content from the Warren Buffett Archive features: The famous ” Warren Buffett Special” interview series, in which the legendary investor and confidant is grilled by Yahoo Finance’s Benzinga. Full video footage from numerous Berkshire Hathaway Annual shareholder meetings, covering many years, covering a wide range of topics, dealing with controversial issues, but always cordial and insightful. Also included are the rarely seen “Inside the Shop” videos, in which the sharp writer and interviewer confront the board directly, and often show the sometimes abrasive nature of the company’s top management. The full transcript is also available, and Benzinga’s questioning of Buffett is bold, probing, and entertaining.

Buffett Archive

Accessing the Buffett Archive online is simple. Search for the name of the company, followed by ” Buffett”, or simply ” Buffett & Company”. The archive offers the full array of annual meetings, from his earliest years at Omaha Flowers to his current ventures, which span textile companies to snack bars. A useful feature is the frequently asked questions section, where past questions about specific topics are displayed, for both past and present shareholders. In addition, Benzinga provides an index of related videos from various annual meetings, so that members can search for specific information on their own. The site is fairly comprehensive, covering many of the major events, from his early days at Omaha Flowers to his later adventures in Boston, and includes a wealth of interactive transcripts, to make learning more palatable.

This website, built around twenty-six years of annual meeting footage from Buffett’s many addresses, as well as interviews with his top executives, goes beyond simply being a repository of rich content. Built around the core themes of leadership, management, risk/reward, and courage, the site brings the man himself to life for all to learn from. If you’re looking for insight into the man and his leadership, built around his most important annual meeting experiences, this is the online home for it.

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