Full Annual Meeting Highlights

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Buffett Archive

Full Annual Meeting Highlights

The Buffett Archive is a collection of the famous investor’s yearly speeches at the annual meetings of the Security Exchange of America. These annual meetings, which take place in Omaha, Nebraska from May through July, are an opportunity for the renowned investor to appear and share his views on leadership, risk, diversification, taxes, education, healthcare and the overall economy. Over the years these speeches have provided great insight on some of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history. This year’s speakers include former Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson, Oracle founder and CEO Hal Bromley, real estate mogul Mel Sembler, and motivational speaker Les Brown.

Mr. Buffet is known for his understated and plainsman persona. He speaks candidly and without self-serving agenda, and he has been an avid reader and listener throughout his life. It was often said that he was an actor waiting for his big break, and in his case it was the time to be an actor. And now at the risk of sounding cliched the speakers at the annual meetings of the Security Exchange of America will hear from him the things that might prevent us from leading a full and prosperous life.

Included in the speech are themes such as leadership, risk, taxes, education, healthcare, the financial crisis, globalization, the media, communications, technology, entrepreneurship, and how to develop an enduring business. This is the third of four speeches that the entire world will hear from the man known ascoon. This year’s speakers are Hal Bromley, Les Brown, Les Schnabel and Mel Sembler. Mr. Buffett will be delivering the main address. All others are welcome to join the many thousands who will enjoy this very important annual shareholder meeting.

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