Review of Warren Buffet’s The Berkshire Hathor Archive: The Complete Guide to the American Masters

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Buffett Archive

Review of Warren Buffet’s The Berkshire Hathor Archive: The Complete Guide to the American Masters

The newly launched Warren Buffett Archive, an archive of information and data on the celebrated investor, captures over 24 years of material from his numerous annual shareholder meetings, CNBC appearances, interviews, and more. His speeches and writings from those years are collected here in one place, to help fans of the man known for his passion and refusal to accept the “anybody else’s ideas” mentality. The book includes everything you need to know about his life and career, from his early investment efforts in banking to his time as owner of the New York Giants. You’ll also get an in depth look at some of his lesser known achievements such as being the first American football coach, the first American tennis player, and the inventor of the electric shaver. What you won’t find here is any biographical information regarding his family or personal life, but it is clear that he had no shortage of friends and advisers throughout his life, as evidenced by the many letters and memorabilia that he gave to his close friends and relatives.

One of the highlights of the book is the Search for the Master, which is an interactive transcription of Buffett’s annual shareholder meetings. An impressive amount of text is used to transcribe the speeches and other oral pieces of information, using a voice recognition program like Microsoft Works or dictation software. After reviewing the text, several videos featuring Buffett can be found, along with his slide presentations at annual shareholder meetings. The audio and video footage from these shows provide insight into the character and personality of the renowned investor. His ability to engage and listen to his audience, his ability to joke and make people think alike, and the sincerity of his beliefs are shown through his humorous clips.

Additionally, the book includes some interesting short-form content, such as a series of profiles of prominent Americans who have been associated with famous quotes that have become part of the Warren Buffett legacy. This includes figures such as Senator Robert Kennedy, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and singer Beyonce Knowles. Other lesser known figures include actor George Clooney, soccer legend David Beckham, and actresses Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts. The profiles offer an inside look at how these individuals became famous, their relationships with Buffett, his investments in them, his comments on his personal life, and the types of stocks owned.

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