Reviewing the Warren Buffett Archive

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Buffett Archive

Reviewing the Warren Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive features rare footage of Warren Buffett during his tenure as CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. The legendary investor and stock market sage often serve as a media fixture, frequently speaking about his passion for the stock market and sharing his thoughts on current events in society. The archive also highlights other key individuals in history such as Omaha Steaks’ Sam Walton, grocery store magnate Omaha Flowers, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, as well as actor Michael Caine and entertainer Neil Diamond.

The Warren Buffett Archive provides a comprehensive view of some of America’s most prominent entrepreneurs, providing something of an educational experience through the use of rich media that allows users to follow along with the speakers, and to see behind the scenes footage of many of the most important moments in company history. Through the use of bi-coastal feeds, the archive allows users to follow along with real time video streaming from any location in the world as they listen to audio from the annual shareholder meeting. The transcripts of the speeches are archived in the same manner and allow users to replay sections of speeches that might be unclear, or where unfamiliar faces could become unclear or difficult to identify. Frequently, the transcripts include a table of contents, which allows a user to find the section of the speech they are seeking, or to bookmark a particular portion to skip to later.

The ability to listen to the annual meetings and speeches of a billionaire such as Warren Buffett is an incredible experience that allow anyone to become intimately familiar with management decisions, as well as how a company such as Berkshire Hathaway can achieve incredible growth and success over the long term. The information gained from this type of study is invaluable to those who are seeking to become involved in the business world or those who are interested in expanding their own portfolio of businesses. In addition to the transcripts, the Warren Buffet Archive includes a host of feature articles and historical data highlighting the success of the company and the visionary investor as well as offering the latest insights from the annual meetings. The archive is a valuable resource for anyone who is serious about learning more about the legendary investor and his incredible ability to transform a small stock company into one of the largest conglomerates in the world.

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