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gambling Oct 23, 2021

The Warren Buffett Archive contains every speech that the Oracle of Omaha has delivered in his many years of public speaking. The Warren Buffett Archive comprises thousands of long-range speeches and keynote addresses as well as shorter more personal one-liners. The entire set of speeches, regardless of their length, are available in video format for easy searching and download. You can also search the speeches by category, date, or subject matter. The website is comprehensive in terms of the audio and video presentations as it gathers information from over 100 different sources.

Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive includes searchable video of all past and present annual meetings, spanning from 1994 to 2021, conveniently linked to each annual meeting’s website. The site also includes an archive of 500 shorter-form video clips arranged by subject, CNBC clips, a Buffett timeline, and a Berkshire Portfolio Timeline. Accessing the Buffett Archive is simple: all you need to do is register for an account at the Archive, pay a small fee, and then you can browse and search the videos and read the transcriptions of the speeches anytime you want. The software used in the process is very easy to use, which means that even people not used in computers can also search and download the speeches.

The archive is going to grow over time as the original articles on the website get added to the site, according to Buffett’s spokesperson, Robert Keener. He did, however warn me that the content will inevitably get outdated as Buffett’s speeches become older. He emphasized, however, that the goal is to make the service free to anyone who wants to take a look at the videos. He sees the aim of the project in two different directions: one is making it as useful as possible for Buffet supporters so that they can use the service whenever they want; the second is drawing people to the archive because the articles are going to be relevant to current events. In a time when social media users are looking for fresh news and information, this is a wonderful opportunity for the company to demonstrate a keen interest in the things that people are talking about.

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