The Most Versatile Professional – Charles “Buffett” Buffett

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Buffett Archive

The Most Versatile Professional – Charles “Buffett” Buffett

The Warren Buffett Archive features highlights of the diverse careers of this legendary investor. The first part of this two part series showcases the years when Buffett served as CEO of Amway Corporation. During his time there he was responsible for the acquisition of it’s biggest competitor, Kibbitz. During the company’s tenure, Buffett was also known for his bold investments and shares’ appreciation. He has been quoted as saying that in life, what you are interested in doing with your money is investing it. During his time at the helm of Amway, he managed to increase the company’s stock value by more than four hundred percent.

The second section of the archive features interviews with people who know or have known Buffett. These include his secretary, his two other childhood friends, and a few other key figures in his life including his first investors, along with several other key management executives. An interesting highlight of these videos is the segment highlighting his remarks at a closed door meeting with fellow Omaha investors in 1977. While discussing Omaha being the “ideal city” for growing businesses, Buffett talked about how small businesses were being shut down in Omaha due to a lack of customers. He went on to compare Omaha with the “poor state” states across the country that were experiencing the same problems. Referring to the state of Colorado, he said, “You can look around and see the same sorts of things happening there.”

The third part of the archive features the first annual meeting of the boards of directors of both Amway and Berkshire Hathaway. While no one got to talk to the legendary investor, many got an opportunity to hear his thoughts on leadership, investing, and life in general. During his address, Buffett talked about building a “work team” consisting of people who have the same values as him. Through the videos and the archiving process at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, this iconic investor’s legacy has been preserved for future generations to learn from.

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