The Warren Buffett Archive – A Valuable Resource

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Buffett Archive

The Warren Buffett Archive – A Valuable Resource

The following materials from the private collections of legendary investor, stock market icon and entertainer, Warren Buffett is available for viewing in the newly established Warren Buffett Archive. Previously the only location for detailed documentation of this many-part collection, the archive now offers an online community for Warren Buffet enthusiasts to engage one another in a lively debate about all facets of the sage investor’s career. For example, an online discussion panel concerning topics such as “Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About Warren Buffett” can be easily accessed. Others focused on related topics include “The Road to Riches, the Road Less Taken,” Buffett on the Importance of Business Sense.”

The Warren Buffet Archive presents an excellent opportunity for the Buffet fans to become acquainted with a virtually unknown aspect of the world’s most celebrated investor and to discover for themselves what it takes to be a successful and interesting investor. To be an active and interesting trading student, you must be willing to accept risk – and this risk is almost incomprehensible to some people. This ability to endure unpleasant losses without giving in to panic is the very essence of trading – and the ability to do just that is what separates the most successful traders from the merely moderately successful. The Warren Buffet Archive provides a valuable insight into the trading method of this legendary investor, but it also provides insight into the mind of this immensely important person.

It is almost incomprehensible, but then again, so is life itself. People who go on to become great leaders or inventors almost completely avoid risks, and they take their chances, knowing full well that the rewards will far outstrip the losses. The Warren Buffet Archive presents the private papers and personal photographs of the man who is known simply as the greatest investor of all time, and as such is recognized as the forerunner of the term “value investing.” His trading method is described in great detail, and a number of correspondence and trading letters from his life are provided to show just how prescient he was at predicting market conditions even when most other investors were confidently predicting depression. The archive also includes correspondence between him and his daughter, Harmon, as well as with his sons, Todd and Charles, and with his granddaughter, Susan. All of this material is extremely valuable to anyone serious about learning to trade and becoming an experienced trader.

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