Warren Buffett Audio and Video Recordings From His Historic Ventures

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Buffett Archive

Warren Buffett Audio and Video Recordings From His Historic Ventures

CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, reports the launch of the new Warren Buffett Archive. It’s the online home to the largest video library of Warren Buffett talking about life, investing, business and money from his lengthy career. Presented by the legendary investor and host, this multi-media site will enable any individual, student or professional to quickly navigate clips, interviews and personal commentaries. Originally launched as a book, it is now a video and audio library that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

The Warren Buffett Archive includes speeches, writings, public comments and other audio clips from more than twenty years of conversations with the investor, as well as interviews with top executives from companies that have done business with him during his lifetime. The audio portion includes conversations with virtually every person who held shares in Buffett’s stocks or was involved in any business transaction with him during this period. These include people like former Commerce secretary Henry Livermore, former shareholders John Flowers and Richard Kinder and President Jimmy Carter. Additionally, this valuable media features short-form videos of Buffett’s annual shareholder meetings, his conversations on investment and how he became a billionaire. It also features the behind-the-scenes look at his personal life, including his travels, his relationships and what keeps him upbeat. While the video portion is somewhat lacking, the combination of written and spoken word offers a wealth of information about one of the most respected and controversial investors of all time.

A particularly impressive aspect of the Warren Buffett Archive is that it includes searchable audio and video, making it easy for anyone to research the man and become knowledgeable about his incredible achievements and contributions to society. Searching by topic is simple and straightforward, and includes a wealth of detail about Buffett’s life and work. In addition, the site includes the transcript of speeches given by him at his annual shareholder meetings and during his keynote address at the UCLA School of Public Health. In addition to that, the interactive transcripts provide an unprecedented peek into the inner workings of one of the world’s most successful investors. This valuable media provides a wealth of information about a man who impacted the lives of millions with his investment savvy and vision.

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