Warren Buffett Audio Clips and Audio From His Annual Meetings

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Content from the Warren Buffett Archive consists of: speeches, interviews, letters, investor letters, financial commentary, business history, world operations, government policies, management biographies, business books, and a variety of documents. Warren Buffett’s voice is heard often in these audio clips. Some of the content is quite difficult to understand at first, due to the wide range of topics covered. However, many of the topics are easily explained. In some cases, Warren Buffett’s voice is heard commenting on news events that affect his investments, industries, company shares, and/or stocks.

Buffett Archive

Audio clips include: interviews, one-minute news specials, annual meetings, and conference calls. The contents of this site were complied by Bill Bishop, founder and editor in chief of the Wall Street Journal’s Buffet Report. Other content is provided by Bill Bishop and several other people. All video clips and photos on the site were shot by independent photographers.

Additional information includes: current shareholder resolutions, profiles of individual shareowners, a searchable database of stock holdings and values, an index of annual meetings, and a calendar of scheduled annual meetings. There is also a glossary of business terms and a glossary of financial terminology. Access to this site is free, and you can search the archive using keywords such as “investor Warren Buffett”, “corporate finance,” and “banking”. Additional bonus material includes a look at some of the great works that have been written about Buffett, as well as an examination of his investing strategies. If you are an investor or think you might want to be an investor in shares of stocks owned by Warren Buffett and/or the companies he invests in, you can research this site to find out how to get started and what you should know.

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