What is Trader Talk?

gambling Sep 23, 2021

Trader Talk

What is Trader Talk?

Traders in the FX markets often talk about Trader Talk. This is a community of people who are focused on one topic, and that is to learn about trading the Forex markets and making a profit. Trader Talk is like a forum for all of the FX trading enthusiasts to gather together and share information, discuss strategies, help each other when you encounter losses or have difficulties trading, and generally just to have conversations. There are always many topics on which to discuss Trader Talk, such as price action, pivot points, Fibonacci ratios, charting techniques, indicators, and all the many other theories that are out there concerning how to make money trading foreign currency.

You might be asking yourself what is Trader Talk? Trader Talk is an informal group based out of Chicago that meet through the Interbank Marketplaces website to exchange information, discuss trading possibilities, and perhaps even to make trades if the circumstances and opportunities present themselves. The group is open to anyone who is interested in trading in the FX markets, but may not feel comfortable talking to an actual individual about the trade they are considering. Trader Talk has no formal structure, no set membership requirement, no set guidelines, no set of talking rules, no set of responsibilities, no voting on issues, and no commitment to any one particular goal.

If you decide to become a member, you will be expected to fill out some sort of questionnaire, provide some information, and perhaps sign some papers. As I understand it, you will also be expected to postulate some sort of trading theory or approach that you think would work well in the Forex markets. The only requirement is that you meet the minimum requirements of an average age of 21. If you are over that age, you will need to remember that you will be deleted from Trader Talk for any reason at all. If you’re under that age, please don’t bother posting your commentaries because you won’t get approved.

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